The U.S. Secret Service, in an email to the Free Press, confirmed that on Sept. 17, a new armored limousine made its debut in the presidential limo fleet. An agent confirmed the 2018 custom-built Cadillac is in use in New York City this week, shuttling Trump around as he attends United Nations General Assembly meetings. It has a twin version that travels in Trump's motorcade.

The Secret Service posted a photo on Monday of two new limousines on Twitter with the line, "The Secret Service is ready to roll into #UNGA 2018!" the agency wrote.

The exterior armor plating is reportedly 8 inches thick, making its doors weigh the same as those on a Boeing 757 aircraft. Its bulletproof windows are 5 inches thick and its nearly bus-size tires can run-flat to keep The Beast in motion for some distance if needed, reports say. The interior is completely sealed to protect occupants against a chemical attack. There is even a special foam that would surround the fuel tank to shield it during an impact.

Auto Spies would like to give President Trump a shoutout thank you for graciously putting '002' on his license plate as a courtesy to our
Agent '001'.

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President Trump And The Secret Service Debut The Newest Beast And The Spies Say It's '00' Worthy!

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