Paying attention? Good, because Pininfarina has revealed more information about its PF0 hypercar, and it’s stuff you want to know.

As a top-tier supercar, ‘POWER’ is probably your biggest concern. Pininfarina has revealed the PF0’s fully electric set-up is supplied by Rimac, which not only gives it some pre-existing plug-in supercar cred, but a nice link to motorsport (Rimac having developed previous Formula E powertrains).

A quick look at the PF0’s promised stats proves they’re pretty much identical to the Rimac C_Two. They’re a Top Trumps dream ticket, with around 1900bhp, 1700lb ft, a sub-2sec 0-62mph time and a 250mph-plus top speed. All combined with a fully charged range of around 300 miles.

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Holy Moly! Pininfarina's PF0 Supercar Will Boast Close To 2000hp

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