Over this past weekend, 20 people lost their lives in an awful automobile accident. With such a significant number, one could only wonder, "How?"

It turns out that the toll is so high due to one major factor: It involved a stretch limo. To be more specific, it was a 2001 Ford Excursion.

Initial reports indicate the vehicle was moving at approximately 60 mph when it careened off road. As of now it's too early to tell if it was due to human error, mechanical failure or a driver operating under the influence. What this incredibly awful incident has highlighted though is if limos should be regulated.

That's because when these stretch jobs get produced, much of the time it's not done with safety in mind. It's about style and the decked-out interiors.

Although I've only been in stretched limos a couple of times, that question was omnipresent while I was a passenger: "What if something happens?" Unfortunately, it appears we're seeing the result now.

That said, we've got to ask: Is it time to PROPERLY regulate stretched limos? Should we even consider banning the elongated sedans?

What say you, Spies?

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After MAJOR Limo Crash Claims 20 Lives, Renewed Focus On Whether Or Not Limos Should Be Regulated

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