A prosecutor said that when 28-year-old Nauman Hussain was stopped by police on Wednesday morning and arrested in the deaths of 20 people in a limo crash last weekend, he was traveling with packed bags, according to multiple news outlets.

That detail — disclosed at Hussain’s arraignment later Wednesday, as reported by the Associated Press, CBS News and local TV station WTEN  — raises the specter of a flight from justice. But it was disputed by Hussain’s defense attorney, Lee Kindlon, in comments after his hearing, according to WTEN.

Kindlon contended that his client’s family had received death threats in the days after one of the vehicles owned by their rental company Prestige Limo plunged downhill at a T-intersection of two state highways in Schoharie, New York, on Saturday...

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One LITTLE Detail About The Owner Of The Limo Company Whose Vehicle Killed 20 Sounds Fishy

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