Toyota has issued a recall for the 2019 C-HR subcompact SUV. Thankfully, the recall is rather small in scope, limited to approximately 700 vehicles, although Toyota did not say if the recalled vehicles share anything in common like build dates. So far this year, Toyota has sold about 37,930 C-HRs in the US, and it sold an additional 25,755 in 2017.

The recall stems from axle bearing bolts, which keep underbody components together. Apparently, some of these bolts on the affected vehicles might not have been tightened to spec. If they become loose or fall off during vehicle operation, rear brake components might become damaged, and there's a chance the rear wheels might detach. This, obviously, increases the risk of a crash, hence the recall...

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RECALL ALERT: 700 2019 Toyota CH-Rs Recalled Because Its Wheels May Fall Off — Seriously

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