Porsche’s model flurry continues, and today it’s the turn of the Panamera. This one is for you purists, as it’s the re-emergence of the GTS moniker. 

Available in both normal saloon or more booty ‘Sport Turismo’ spec, these two new models mark the 17th and 18th variant of the two-tonne, tech-laden executive shuttle you can buy. Which is knocking on the door of 911 levels, but if there’s another way to skin a cat, Porsche will sure as hell do it. Because profit margins. 

Like the GTS models of old, it’s pretty much business as usual: bits and bobs from across the range and plenty of options all thrown in with the addition of an alcantara steering wheel and lots of red stitching to keep people who like driving happy.

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Rebirth Of The Wagon? Porsche Reveals Panamera GTS

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