Ever since the launch of the BMW M2, it's been largely considered the "true BMW." That's because it, largely, keeps the things that made BMW vehicles special.

It's compact. It has plenty of zip. It loves to slide. And, it features a manual transmission.

There were a few misgivings, however. It had standard sport seats, it lacked the M side view mirrors and many exclaimed it should have always come with the motor found in the M3 and M4.

Well, BMW listened.

The M2 Competition delivers on all these fronts. But, I have to say most folks tend to agree: The new "face" doesn't look nearly as clean as the original. That said though, the Competition variant does take the M2 to all-new heights.

Need more detail on that? Read Autocar's review of the M2 Competition via the link after the jump. For the verdict, see below.

Should I buy one?

For existing M2 owners the answer to that should be blindingly obvious. The new model is far more enjoyable to drive than the old version while giving next to nothing away.

It used to be the case the M2 was the circa-£50,000 sports coupe of choice for people who needed more space than was offered by a mid-engined, two-seater alternative, but the M2 Competition is now so good to drive that it would stand toe-to-toe with its supremely talented rivals even if it didn’t have rear seats.

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DRIVEN: The Updated BMW M2 Competition Sounds Like It is OBVIOUS It's The One To Get...

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