By and large we all accept that Tesla's Model S, Model X and Model 3 have reshaped expectations of what an electric vehicle should be in today's marketplace. Effectively, Tesla has made EVs cool.

All of the other automakers, I would say, are struggling.

So, what is it — exactly — that differentiates Tesla's vehicles from the masses? Well, if you've been left wondering then I would highly recommend reading up on this story. That's because our friends across the pond actually broke down some key differentiating qualities of the Model 3.

And, it's all pretty fascinating.

While we know that Tesla is keen on using much more advanced electronics than the traditional automakers, these all-new details may blow your mind. See what I mean by clicking the link after the jump.

...Tesla’s approach to designing those areas, which are crucial elements in defining a car’s character and desirability, didn’t follow usual automotive industry practice for volume car production. Autocar spoke exclusively with a number of Tesla engineers to gain an insight into that development process.

Most manufacturers these days build major new models from a platform or architecture, but when it came to the design of the Model 3’s chassis and suspension, Tesla engineer stuck with a ‘first principles’ clean-sheet approach. The starting point were the tyres, which Tesla describes as the unsung heroes of its cars and crucial to feel and drivability. Development started in 2015 and Tesla worked with tyre manufacturers for almost three years, which is longer than the time spent on the Model S’s tyres...

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These Are The SECRETS Of The Tesla Model 3 That Separates It From The REST Of The Autos Being Built Today

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