The team at Ford is working very hard right now to deliver a product portfolio that's going to wow consumers and the investor community alike. That's because its shares are in the can, at the moment.

But, also, keep in mind that the Blue Oval was happy earlier in 2018 to axe most of its lineup with exception of the Mustang. Given the nameplate's heritage, it's no surprise. There's a tremendous amount of brand equity in the Mustang name.

One all-new vehicle that's been rumored about now for a bit is a four-door coupe Mustang.

This, frankly, doesn't strike us as a surprise. People want practicality with a slice of panache on the side. Although there's one little catch with this "practical" Mustang. It's going to take a more rugged approach. Think of what Volvo's done with its Cross Country line, what Subaru has done with the Forester and what Subaru has done with the Crosstrek.

According to our sources, it will live within the Mustang family but, obviously, it's going to need an additional name to add onto the Mustang brand. What would YOU call this forward-thinking, four-door coupe Mustang?

The Ford Mustang _________ .

Fill in the blank, Spies!

Are you seeking, inspiration?

A RUGGED, Four-door Coupe Ford Mustang Is Coming — WHAT Would You Name It? The Mustang __________ ?

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