No doubt one of the hottest topics, and also one of the biggest areas for contention, is anything Tesla. It's already pretty established that the American automaker and its founder have disrupted the automotive industry in at least a couple ways.

And, of course, this has impacted consumers.

When it comes to electric vehicles, I am pretty sure at this point you cannot argue that anyone is doing it better than Tesla. With the Model S, Model X and Model 3, Tesla is killing it right now. Just think, a Model Y may be on the way.

As part of the company's elevated presence and grand speculation as to it's possible success — or demise — it's clearly reshaped buyers and their expectations of the automobile.

And while enthusiasts have always valued certain elements related to vehicles, Tesla has changed that. Having said that, we've got to ask: Is Tesla INCREASING people's passion for autos or is Tesla KILLING that lust?

What say you, Spies?

Is Tesla INCREASING People's Passion For Autos Or Is It KILLING That Lust?

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