The start to Q4 2018 has been a bit of a rough one.

With interest rates pushing higher, incentives that are drying up and with an equity market correction making itself known, auto sales are starting to stagnate. Buyers are definitely hesitating on making purchases, which hints at a slow down after an already less than stellar September.

Do YOU foresee a rather dismal end to 2018 auto sales, Spies?

Place your bets!

...According to a new report by CNBC, October is shaping up to be another terrible month for the industry, after an already abysmal September, as auto dealers around the country have been plagued by marked drops in retail sales and customer traffic in their showrooms.

Scott Adams, the owner of a Toyota dealership in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, told CNBC: “We are definitely seeing business pull back. September was off some, but this month our car sales are down 12 percent and our truck sales are down 23 percent." The report notes that the drop in sales was most pronounced last weekend...

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Are HIGHER Interest Rates And DECREASING Incentives Slamming The Brakes On 2018 Auto Sales?

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