During a podcast that published today, Tesla's Elon Musk simply couldn't help himself. That's right. Musk is at it again.

This time he decided to express his opinions regarding Apple and Ford.

While it's not much of a surprise that Musk went after Ford, it is a bit perplexing why he decided to bring Apple into the conversation. Ford and Tesla have traded jabs previously, and it's been an ongoing feud.

And I can see why Musk brings up Ford. I don't see why Ford would even entertain Musk's color commentary.

First, Musk noted that Apple hasn't exactly been blowing people's minds lately. This is something I've discussed with Agent 001 previously. Essentially, it's become very iterative in its changes to product. There hasn't been a debut that really was a game changer since the late Steve Jobs was around.

Second, Musk turned his twin-barrelled gun towards Ford. While discussing how incredibly difficult the auto industry was to operate within, he capped it off noted that he believes there's a good chance that Ford does not make it past the next recession.

Definitely a bold claim.

That said, I've got to ask: WHICH criticism is Musk MORE RIGHT about? Is Musk nailing it with Apple or Ford? Perhaps Both? Maybe neither? What say you?

“Apple used to really bring out products that would blow people’s minds,” Musk said on the Recode Decode podcast released Friday. “They still make great products, but there’s less of that. Like, I don’t think people are necessarily running to the store for the iPhone 11..."

...“There’s a good chance that Ford doesn’t make it in the next recession,” Musk said.

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Tesla's Elon Musk Throws SHADE At Apple And Ford — WHICH Is He MORE On Point About?

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