Every now and then, the Agents at AutoSpies strike gold. Yesterday was one of those days.

While traveling to and from Pasadena yesterday on a mission, Agent 001 stumbled across a mini Mercedes-Benz convoy. But, it wasn't an ordinary type of deal. This was different.

SPIED: Mercedes-Benz GLS

That's because there were two fully camouflaged vehicles on the freeway.

The first vehicle in the convoy was pretty evident. It was the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLE, which was revealed recently.

The second vehicle, however, was a bit more interesting. That's because it wasn't another GLE. It turns out it actually was the all-new GLS. Given that the all-new BMW X7 just was debuted, we know the pressure is on for the three-pointed star to deliver.

That said, check out 001's snaps from yesterday, below. While the vehicle is under heavy cladding, you at least get an idea of what's coming down the 'pike — literally and figuratively.

SPIED: Mercedes-Benz GLS

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