Recently, there was an event held in upstate New York for the members of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA). While I didn't attend, it is one of the year's events for auto manufacturers to provide a fleet of autos for the media to get behind the wheel.

For some folks it's a chance to get track time at Monticello Motor Club without much of a financial burden. Considering it is a private track, it is a pretty awesome opportunity.

Ford made a bit of a splash.

That's because it brought a Ford GT. While having the car around is certainly nice, it upped the game. That's because it brought a factory driver along and they were giving out hot laps like cotton candy. Fun was had by all.

Having said that, an interesting picture made its way online. That's because a mystery car was spotted in the transporter underneath the Ford GT.

Although I have a pretty good idea of what it is, I wanted to provide this image to the Spies to see what YOU think it is. Weigh in on the picture, below!

SPIED: What's That? Something BIG and BOLD Gets Spotted In The Catskills

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