...No, the real question hanging over the M8 Coupe up until now has been its ability to match this speed with the sort of handling enthusiasts will cherish. However, after witnessing its outstanding body control, ability to change direction with all the deft precision of much smaller and lighter car and ease at which it can be coaxed in lurid oversteer it is clear it is not just another high priced grand tourer seeking to be regarded as a sports car but - and feel free to take this with a grain of salt at this stage - a true sportscar in its very own right.

Like that of the M5, the M8 Coupe’s four-wheel drive system is programmed to send up to 100 per cent of drive to the rear wheels in M Dynamic mode. There’s also a torque vectoring function built into the rear differential to apportion that drive to the wheel with the most grip. The result is car that provides all the security of a four-wheel drive car when you want it and, at the press of a button, all the tail-happy traits of a powerful rear-wheel drive sportscar when the conditions allow.

Right now it appears to offer an even broader range of dynamic traits than even the M5. The proof, of course, will have to wait until we get to drive the M8 Coupe for ourselves next year. But for now, the early signs are certainly encouraging, even if a quick physics lesson suggests they shouldn’t be.

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