I recently had the chance to drive the all-new Honda Accord Hybrid. To be quite honest, I found it brilliant.

And I am not a Honda guy.

This is a company that has gotten its groove back. I am a big fan of the all-new Civic, Accord and CR-V. Really, this company is humming right now.

But if 41 mpg from the Accord Hybrid isn't enough to get you jacked up, perhaps the Clarity can do the trick. The Clarity is its more ungainly sibling that's offered in plug-in, full-on electric and even hydrogen powertrains.

To provide the download are the folks at Consumer Reports. Considering their review are for typical buyers, we think this "on-center" approach is appropriate for this vehicle. Even though it did put it on the track — WHY?

That said, see what Consumer Reports had to say about the all-new Clarity plug-in hybrid.

The new Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid is great when running on battery power, but the loud engine noise and its annoying quirks, like confusing controls and fussy gear selector, may deter some buyers.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Honda Clarity Is Honda's Flagship Hybrid — But Is The Juice WORTH The Squeeze?

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