Even though there's been some dilution to the BMW M brand, I must admit: I am still a fan. That's pretty obvious given that I own one but I think it needs to be said.

That's because I am seeing more M badges popping up on BMW vehicles. It's reached a fever pitch, in my opinion.

Los Angeles Auto Show

And — to me — if it's not an M, it's pretty much an entirely different vehicle.

To further my point, just see what BMW unpacked at this year's LA Auto Show. It's the new M5 Competition but with some M Performance parts added as the cherry on top. A lot of it is "all show and no go," but I will say it definitely helps make this M5 pop.

What really does it for me though is the color combination. Painted a bright red and paired with an interior eerily similar to the E39 M5's caramel, I started having flashbacks. Good ones. Something tells me I am not alone as the E39 market is quite strong. Just go see what good examples are selling for today.

That said, I've got to ask: Is this M5 Competition lighting your fire? Let us know in the comments below.

Los Angeles Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: The BMW M5 Competition Shows Up In M Performance Parts, Painted Bright Red And Gives 00R E39 Flashbacks...

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