The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show has come and went, and with it the blockbuster debuts. One of them was the all-new Porsche 911.

From what I can tell, at the 30,000-foot level, it was everything folks were hoping for. Although we're sure some purists will take issue with the pop-out door handles and new sweeping LED rear taillight, the new look wasn't rejected.

Los Angeles Auto Show

The real highlight of the all-new 911 (992) is its interior. Porsche's designers clearly spent a lot of time completely changing it to bring it up to speed with the 21st century.

It no longer looks dated.

Even better news: A manual will also be shipping. Phew, I thought we were just going to be stuck with knobby automatics.

Having said that, we wanted to make sure you caught all the little details that others missed. In the collection of photos below, you'll see just what makes the all-new 911's interior special.

Let us know your thoughts!

Los Angeles Auto Show

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