When the all-new BMW 3-Series made its primetime debut not too long ago, the first thing that my eyes were drawn to wasn't its new front grille. That's because when the vehicle first appeared, it wasn't wearing anything peculiar or off putting.

Instead, BMW showed us the 330i that would lead off.

The Mark McGuire of 3-Series', the M340i, was to be debuted a bit later. And when that arrived on the scene, it had some totally different dental work.

Seen for the first time in person at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS), the M340i has a completely new type of kidney grille. Inspired by the all-new Z4's look, it's a solid piece up front with what appear to be little pieces of jewelry up front.

Rather than look traditional and timeless, the M340i's grille looks like bling and akin to a rapper's teeth.

So, I've got to ask: Does the all-new BMW M340i's front grille look AWESOME or AWFUL?

Los Angeles Auto Show

Purely From A DESIGN Perspective, Does The All-new BMW M340i's Kidney Grille Look AWESOME or AWFUL?

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