As 2018 draws to a close, we've entered the holiday season. This is a busy time of the year for auto sales.  Not only are there plenty of deals to take advantage of before the end of the year, manufacturers have a bit of a fun with the Christmas holiday.

Take, for example, Lexus' December to Remember sales event or even Audi's all-new Christmas commercial. Each are different ways of getting buyers into the showroom.

Of course, this got me thinking.

IF you were to GIFT, or be gifted, an all-new car or truck, WHICH vehicle would you want it to be this holiday season? Would it be a car or truck? Sedan or coupe? American? European? Japanese? Other?

Let us know what's speaking to you, Spies!

This holiday season, Santa Claus is debuting a whole new look. Watch him upgrade everything from his suit to his sleigh in this epic year-long transformation.

IF You Were To GIFT, Or Be Gifted, An All-new Car Or Truck, WHICH Vehicle Would It Be THIS Holiday Season?

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