The story is familiar. Apple introduces the iPhone and the Tech press shoots right out of the gate saying they have NO chance against Blackberry for a myriad of reasons. But the most memorable reason was always was NO ONE WANTS A NON-TACTILE KEYBOARD! Apple had BETTER make an iPhone with a different keyboard or THEY ARE TOAST!

So now let's transition over to the auto press and Tesla vs. the traditional auto companies. And all the mainstream traditional auto press is bloviating that AS SOON AS THE AUDI AND JAG ARE OUT TESLA IS GOING TO WITHER OFF INTO OBLIVION. And the reason they sight constantly IS....Once a REAL car company builds their electrics, Tesla won't have a chance. And recently, they are naming the Audi e-Tron and the Jaguar I-Pace as the ones who are finally send Elon and his hardware into the rear view mirror.

But as we sit back and are watching this, we believe by the end of 2019 the traditional manufacturers electric offerings are going to be like Blackberry's were, when Apple started to move far ahead...Because of the building momentum and the rumored new things coming in February. And they're not going to know what hit them NOR understand how it happened. Because they're the established, ordained leaders and this is THEIR domain and they are somehow just owed first place forever.

We certainly feel that air of arrogance from them when we attend their events. The backhanded Elon insults and the poo-pooing of his products.

But what they don't understand how the potential CUSTOMER of electric cars sees them. DINOSAURS. OLD GUARD. FAT AND HAPPY. ENTITLED. ARROGANT. And as companies who may have a product for that market but not a driving vision or leader like Elon.

So what say you Spies? Who is going to be right here? The traditional auto media or the Spies? And tell us WHY you think where we're both right or wrong. Is the writing on the screen for the old school companies in this battle?

Oh, and one last question...Seeing these are all tech based vehicles, name ONE European company that's EVER beat a mainstream American tech giant with breakthrough product?


DO You Or Do You NOT Agree With The Auto Press? Tesla Will Be Overtaken By Audi And Jaguar?

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