The drama around Nissan's ex-chairman, Carlos Ghosn, continues. I have to admit, this is starting to turn into a bit of a soap opera.

Although it seemed as though Ghosn would be granted bail today (Friday in Japan) and he even spoke out via his lawyer, the tides have turned. According to reports, Ghosn was rearrested today.

The charges? Aggravated breach of trust. These are based on all-new allegations that Ghosn placed personal investment losses onto Nissan.

This means that Ghosn may be detained for an additional 10 days in a Tokyo jail.

This story is breaking tonight, so, stay tuned for more right here on!

A Tokyo court had unexpectedly rejected prosecutors’ request to extend Ghosn’s detention a day earlier, which raised the possibility that he could go free on bail as early as Friday. 

The re-arrest means he could be detained for another 10 days in a Tokyo jail, where he has been confined since he was arrested on initial allegations of financial misconduct...

...Kyodo News said the new allegations were based on suspicions that Ghosn made the automaker shoulder personal investment losses of about 1.85 billion yen ($16.6 million) that he had incurred around 2008...


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BREAKING! Things Get WORSE For Ex-Nissan Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, As He's REARRESTED

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