Although Lotus isn't exactly front and center here in the States, that doesn't mean the company is dead, folks. In fact, its marketing department wanted to remind of that during the holiday season.

While many businesses approach a holiday greeting differently, Lotus decided to stay in its lane.

That's why the British sports car manufacturer decided to produce and ship a video dubbed "Merry Driftmas!" Featuring a yellow Evora Sport 410, Lotus took some creative license from those Gymkhana videos and packaged it in a Lotus-friendly way.

Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Merry Christmas, Spies!

Delivering a Christmas tree with a 410hp sleigh! While many look back over the year during the festive season, Lotus looks sideways in the

VIDEO: Lotus Wishes YOU A Merry Christmas The Best Way It Knows How — DRIFTING In A 410 Horsepower Sleigh

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