I remember seeing the Toyota FT-1 for the first time. Painted this wet looking deep red, I loved every bit and piece of it.

It was tremendous.

From the get go, Agent 001 and I called it the next-gen Toyota Supra. And the good news is simple: With every leaked shot, it becomes clear that the FT-1 is a direct influence on the all-new Supra's design. That means it will be aggressive and well proportioned.

As of now I am still undecided on the use of a BMW powertrain for a Toyota product but, perhaps, it was the smart move. We'll see soon enough, Spies.

It seems pretty obvious that Toyota will pull the sheets off the all-new Supra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS), which is slated to begin on January 14. Until then, we'll keep you dialed in with the latest leaks and product information as it becomes readily available.

Stay tuned, right here on!

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LEAKED! An Early Christmas Miracle? The All-new Toyota Supra's Rear End Is REVEALED

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