First time around, the YouTuber reported that his Deep Blue Metallic-painted Model 3 was throwing error messages that wouldn’t let the transmission go into gear. After a few resets, all was well with the vehicle. But the fault appeared again, following a night parked in the garage.

Four days at the nearest Tesla Service Center were needed for the technicians to replace the charge port and ECU. This fix hadn’t resolved the problem, which returned after a few days. The second time around, the service identified a fault with the power conversion system. But guess what? As expected, that wasn’t the fix the Model 3 needed.

Third time around, DamienG drove his car into the shop, and the technicians had to fix a loose grounding bolt. Curiously enough, it appears the problem was discussed by Tesla at regional meeting but the service centers didn’t get the memo from the get-go.

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Bleeding Edge? Assembly Bugs Render Model 3 Inoperable 3 Times In 3 Months

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