The all-new BMW M5 is a leviathan. Everything about it is over the top.

A 600 horsepower V8. All-wheel drive for the first time. A speedy shifting automatic that makes you forget about dual-clutch boxes. And it has just enough panache that you forget about things like the Porsche Panamera that is, frankly, still ugly.

Give me conservative any day of the week over a horror show.

But, the big question is, how is it to live with? That's an entirely different point of view aside from having a week behind the wheel.

Well, the boys and girls over at CAR Magazine in the UK had such an opportunity. And after six months with the all-new M5, here are two excerpts that help articulate its verdict.

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Ah, for six, brief, glorious months I have been the Lord of Realms, Master of All I Survey, the Sovereign Prince of Oversteer. Now my BMW M5 has gone and I’m feeling much reduced. To drive such a cult car – and, in the 2018 guise, one that’s back on top form – has been a real privilege. No exaggeration, I felt a little thrill inside every day, climbing into this car...

...Apart from that, I just know the M5 recalibrated my brain with its speed, its acceleration, and its astounding carbon brakes. Stealthy, sexy and supercar fast, it’s been an intense reaffirmation of the M5’s cult status. I’m beginning to realise: it wasn’t me that was King of the Road – it was always this mind-blowing car.


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DRIVEN: So, What's It REALLY Like To Live With An All-new BMW M5 For SIX Months? Verdict Enclosed...

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