While it's only mid-January and the all-new BMW X7 is slated to hit dealers around March, one slipped out from BMW North America's corporate headquarters located in my neck of the woods — New Jersey. I know this because I spotted the all-new X7 street parked on Riverside Drive.

Painted a dark hue, it was doing its very best to blend in with the other autos; however, given the X7's size and presence, I noticed it right away.

SPIED on the STREET! All-new BMW X7 Spotted!

From a size perspective, it is really in line with the current-gen Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class. Definitely sizable but not crazy like the all-new extended Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator.

Equipped with the M Sport package, it's got a good look without being over the top. Color me impressed and I haven't been an X7 fan until today.

Given the 2020 7-Series looks clown-ish, there's no question in my mind that the X7 is going to be mobbed when it hits showroom floors.

SPIED on the STREET! All-new BMW X7 Spotted!

SPIED on the STREET! 00R Catches The All-new BMW X7 In The FLESH In Manhattan

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