If you're a fan of cars you know that the Barrett-Jackson has been going on and there has been lots of news like the first production 2020 Toyota Supra bringing $2.1m.

Now it all went to charity so that's a good thing but we can't imagine that person EVER getting their money back on that transaction. That car is a total letdown for us if you're been reading our impressions.

Now, there are the premier auctions that bring the big dough but what we love are the everyday cars that can be had for $25k or less.

You can end up with something pretty fun for not too much.

So here is our question...

If you were going to find something like that what would you be hoping for and to get the creative thoughts going here are two examples where we'd like to know WHO made the BETTER deal and SMARTER move?

First a 2010 BMW 750i with 100k miles and change that sold for a measley $12k. New it was just under 90k.

And second, a 1995 Pontiac Firebird convertible with 27k miles that sold for 10k.

Spies, discuss...

Barrett-Jackson- WHO Made The BETTER Deal And SMARTER Move? YOU Make The Call!

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