Just so you know where I stand, I grew up in Buffalo, NY loving the K5 Blazer, Ford Bronco, Toyota FJ And Jeep CJ.

Problem was it was the Jimmy Carter era and gas prices/interest rates were through the roof so for a kid in high school, a large, gas-guzzling truck was not in the cards. But it sure as hell didn't stop me from lusting and wanting one!

Now, I'm fortunate because I can afford to drive what I want and you know Wrangler Unlimited's and F-150's have been in my stable since 2012.

So when I heard Ford was bringing back Bronco and it wouldn't be a wimpy, watered down crossover, it got my juices flowing. And the first thing I said to myself is I hope Chevy brings back the Blazer into the fold.

And they did. But unfortunately, they chose to make it mommy lexus wannabe crossover, NOT a BADASS Bronco, Jeep or LR competitor.

So my question to you is were they right to choose the housewives of whatever town strategy or should they have gone BALLSY and shook up the off-road world?

For reference here are some shots of the new Blazer I spied on my trip to Detroit...

Spies, discuss...

Did Chevy BLOW It By Not Making The New Blazer TRUE To It's Heritage And Not Going Head To Head With Bronco And Jeep?

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