The Chicago Auto Show is here. We're just about a day away from the start of what used to be known as "the truck show."

Because of this, there's some major truck reveals happening.

That includes the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 & 3500 HD models. These are the workhorses for the General Motors brand.

If you ask anyone who follows the financials of the Detroit Three, they will tell you that the most important products are their pick up trucks. Why? That's where the margins and volume sales are. Pretty simple, folks. And, the Silverado has been losing ground.

So, when the HD variants were revealed, we found ourselves wondering one simple thing: With SO much on the line, WHY did GM go FULL AZTEK on their pick up trucks? The face on these all-new HD models are pretty tough to digest.

When you roll out a new pick up truck and it's equipped with a plow to hide the face, you know there's been an error in judgment. I can understand showing the vehicle with a plow in the marketing materials but not for the first real-life unveiling.

With SO Much On The Line WHY Did GM Go FULL AZTEK On Their Pickup Trucks?

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