These days sports cars, wagons and sedans are having it a bit tough. They're just not selling how they used to.

Meanwhile, sport-utility vehicles are enjoying consumers flocking to them. Build it and they will come.

Frankly, it's quite a shame. That's because right now sedans are better than ever. The silver lining, however, is that today you can score a helluva deal on a sedan. Dealers are looking to move these vehicles off their lots.

This got the Agents thinking. And, of course, we turn to you — the tastemakers — to help us sort this one out.

We want to know: Which SEDAN is the BEST on the market right now for UNDER a $25,000 street price?

Could it be the Honda Accord? Ford Fusion? Hyundai Sonata? Nissan Altima? Something else?

What say you, Spies?

The GREAT Debate: Which Sedan Is The BEST Right Now For UNDER $25,000 (Street Price)?

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