There is a huge panic across the traditional automotive space as Tesla gains more and more momentum. And it seems of all the companies, the German's are showing the most anxiety.

And can you blame them? A couple years ago, you couldn't go a day and not see newly registered 3-series BMW's all over the streets of SoCal.

Fast forward to today...Take that same drive and it's hard to even find ONE new 3-Series that just got sold cruising the 'it' spots in the most important car sales market in the USA. At the LA auto show a couple years back, BMW, MB and Audi were bragging that 33% or so of their entire business came out of Southern California.

As you drive here now, you see 10-20 Tesla model 3's with new registrations.

And I think one of the key reasons for it's success is because the design is contemporary and fresh.

So you would think that any new model that would compete against a Tesla would be DOA with what is considered a traditional, conservative exterior.

And that's exactly what I thought when I saw Audi show the new e-tron (just got delayed due to battery issues) at the reveal and at the last few auto shows.

My first impression at launch was WHY did they  just show us a re-badged All-Road. And the more I see it, I feel it looks like a fifteen year old design. And it won't hit dealer showrooms for a long time!

So what say you Spies, so you LIKE the look and do you think it will be a success or is it DOA and has ZERO chance against against the momentum leader Tesla.

Spies, discuss...

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Is It Just Us Or Does The Audi e-tron Design Look Fifteen Years Old Even Before It Hits Dealer Showrooms?

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