Over the past several weeks, there's been a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 working its way around New York City. Or, maybe it was just one week.

I don't actually know.

What I do know is that our friend, Lauren Fix, was given access to the blue with white striped 700 horsepower monster for a news hit with FOX News. But it appears that the vehicle was trucked in, as it seems to have been in this video down below.

Sitting on one of Manhattan's streets, the GT500 was turned over and its V8 soundtrack bellowed. As seen in this brief clip with Road & Track, the team demonstrates the four different exhaust modes: Quiet, Normal, Sport and Track.

Given how vocal the 2020 GT500 is, we're thinking you'll be leveraging all of the modes should you be lucky enough to take delivery.

Check out the clip below to see why.

Here's what the new supercharged Mustang Shelby GT500 sounds like in Quiet, Normal, Sport and Race mode, inside and out. With more than 700 horsepower and a sub-11-second quarter-mile, this thing is bound to be wild. Read all about it:

VIDEO: Turn Up The Volume! If You LOVE V8s, You'll LOVE The 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500's Soundtrack

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