When it comes to supercars and racing pedigree, the story doesn't get much better than what transpired between Ford and Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. It's almost like a movie.


Ford bested Ferrari for its first win as well as the first win for an American constructor.

Fast forward to present day. The rivalry lives on. Well, kind of. Actually, not at all. It's kind of like New York Giants fans that bring up how they beat the New England Patriots.

Count the rings, folks.

Anyway, in an entertaining video shot by Drag Times, they take their big bird yellow Ford GT and put it up against the Ferrari 488 Spider. If you're silly and only think about horsepower, the 488 should slay the GT. After all, it has more ponies. In reality, the Ford actually has the advantage weighing about 150 pounds less than the Italian and also benefiting from some serious active aerodynamics and, by all accounts, is a proper race car that just so happens to work on the road. The Ferrari, on the other hand, was developed the other way around.

I think the writing's on the wall here but see what unfolds in the clip below, Spies.

Watch a drag race between a Ferrari 488 and a new Ford GT down the 1/2 mile at the Wannagofast event in Immokalee, FL.

CAR WARS! SUPERCAR Edition — Who WINS When You Square Up A Ferrari 488 Vs. A Ford GT?

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