Although it just sold its first example of the Kona Electric in the U.

S., it seems Hyundai has a hit on its hands. And it’s little wonder, seeing as the all-electric crossover tops our list of range-per-purchase-dollar and has been edging out competitors like the Chevy Bolt in road tests. This is, of course, a great thing for the company, but it also creates some problems for some prospective buyers: they aren’t available for purchase from their local dealers in most of the country.

Initially, the plan was to begin initial sales in California and expand to the so-called ZEV states. In their words:

“2019 Kona Electric models will be produced in Ulsan, Korea and will be available in the beginning of 2019, with initial availability in California and subsequently in the ZEV-focused states in the western and northeastern regions of the U.S. market.”

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Hyundai Claims Kona EV Demand Has Already Outstripped Production Capacity

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