Another day, another batch of next-gen Chevrolet Corvette spy shots emerge. Following up on the latest collection, which came to us earlier this week, an all-new collection has showed up at our front door.

With excitement running at all-time highs, it's clear that a lot of people are interested in what this C8 Corvette will look like. General Motors' performance division certainly has the wind at its back right now.

Let's hope they don't ruin it.

Oh, wait. They may have. The latest batch of spy shots show the all-new Corvette sporting less camouflage than ever and with a lot of new details being revealed (headlights, taillights, front hood shut lines, etc.).

One thing I haven't seen previously is this new rear spoiler. And, boy, does it look sh!t. But not nearly as bad as the all-new, squared-off quad exhaust tips. While I have no problem with squared-off tips, there's something about this particular set that's especially irksome — I think it's because they're rounded off on the inside. Hopefully these aren't the real deal.

What say you, Spies? Is it ME or am I onto something?

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