Leading up to the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (GIMS), the boys and girls at Ferrari have teased something that's coming around the corner.

Very, very fast.

In mere hours we should see what the prancing horse has up its sleeve.

Some of the beauty shots give subtle clues. And then there's a clip of the vehicle driving with a shot of the tachometer — more clues.

I am thinking it could be a hybrid, mid-engine V8 variant of the 488 GTB. I don't think it's the 488's successor. That's because the engine cover looks awfully similar, the tach and TFT screen to the left are carryover, and if you listen to the engine as it switches through the gears, there's an all-new sound that anyone who's driven a 458/488 would know is NOT normal. It's almost like a more intense turbo whistle but I think it's actually the same noise as when you really give an EV's "go" pedal some juice.

What's your bet, Spies?

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