The all-new Golf Mk8 is in the final stages of development. Our vigilant spy photographers managed to capture it on camera last week, so we know how the production version will look like.


Nonetheless, despite the Golf Mk8 not being launched just yet, TopGear has managed to obtain some juicy details about the upcoming Golf R, as R Division’s chief, Jost Capito, told them that it’s “going to be fantastic” and that it won’t go down the electrified route.

“The crown jewel of performance in a Golf remains the Golf R. We don’t want to take hybrids to a ridiculous strength. A hybrid needs to be affordable and have an ecological reasoning. It’s not just for performance. The GTE is an alternative choice for a GTI customer, and that will remain. The performance king will remain a Golf R, and the Golf 8 R is going to be fantastic”, Capito said.

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