Spotted in a southern California parking lot, Agent 001 happened to come across two vehicles that hardly have anything in common.

That would be a late model year 1990s Porsche Carrera 4S and the all-new Kia Telluride. One's a "pure" sports car with German heritage and the other is an all-new, full-size seven-seater Korean sport-utility vehicle.

But. BUT. They do have one thing they share.

Surprisingly, both are painted a certain shade of green. And here's the thing: We're having a hard time placing the color of the 993.

So, we decided to see if we could crowdsource its color. That said, can YOU name this Porsche 993's hue?

Bonus points if you can accurately name the color of this Kia Telluride.

Name That HUE: A Porsche 911 (993) And A Kia Telluride Are Color Cousins

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