According to the latest reports, some interesting business is going down in the European Union, Spies. That's because Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Tesla have come together in an interesting way.

Essentially, FCA knows the vehicles in its fleets will not meet the latest EU emissions. This translates into fines for FCA.

Tesla, on the other hand, has a zero-emissions fleet. In a rather creative way to raise money, Tesla has "opened up its pool (fleet)" so that any automaker can join its "open pool" and count their vehicles alongside Tesla's to offset its potential for fines.

In Tesla's defense that's one helluva way to bring in hundreds of millions of Euros into its coffers. One helluva capital raise. Although if you subscribe to Tesla's perspective that its' saving the world, clearly, this company is full of it.

FCA is simply pathetic for having to resort to this rather slimy tactic to get by.

That said, I've got to ask: SHAME on WHO? Who's dirtier for having done this deal?

**Special thanks to CANADIANCOMMENTS for tipping us off to this story

Italian carmaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) has agreed to pay electric carmaker Tesla Inc hundreds of millions of euros so that the vehicles of Tesla are counted in its fleet to avoid fines for violating new European Union emission rules, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

The step will let the Italian carmaker offset carbon dioxide emissions from its cars against Tesla’s, by bringing down its average figure to a permissible level, the FT said.

The report did not mention further financial details of the specific amount that Fiat Chrysler has agreed to pay Tesla.

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SHAME On WHO? Fiat Pays Tesla To Avoid EU Carbon Emissions Fines

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