Although Toyota has juggernaut sport-utility vehicles in form of the Toyota RAV4 and 4Runner, one is not to be forgotten. The Highlander is an SUV with tons of space and is a suburban favorite.

And, why not?

Compared against the likes of the Volkswagen Atlas and Ford Explorer, it seems like a layup. There's just a couple problems with the current-gen Highlander.

First, its exterior is rather staid. Compared to the current-gen RAV4 it just doesn't inspire whereas the all-new RAV4 has some toughness and spunk to its design. The good news is that it seems apparent the Highlander will follow in its footsteps with similar design language.

Second, its interior needs to catch up to the times. If you sit in a current-gen Highlander, there's no question that it feels like you just stepped into 2010. It makes the Kia Telluride seem very close to a BMW X7.

That said, what else does the 2020 Toyota Highlander NEED to SUCCEED at next week's 2019 New York Auto Show?

2019 New York Auto Show (NYIAS) Preview

#NYIAS: TEASED! What Does The All-new, 2020 Toyota Highlander NEED to SUCCEED?

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