In the wonderful world of entry-level luxury sport-utility vehicles, there's been a smattering of lovely products entering the game. One of our favorites that joined the fray years ago was the first-generation Range Rover Evoque.

That's because it looked brilliant and brought something new to the game.

Now with the funky Volvo XC40 and rather teutonic, all-new Audi Q3 though, there's quite a bit of competition. Of course they all do the same thing but in different ways.

Having said that, if you're left wondering who did it best of the trio, you should check out this Autocar clip, below.

There's a new Range Rover Evoque, don'cha know. Here it is, on the road and ripe for testing against its two key rivals in the smallish, very premium, 4x4/SUV/crossover market. First among them is the Volvo XC40, 2018's Car of the Year and a compact premium SUV that we like a great deal.

Then there's the Audi Q3, a car that has been around for a while but one that is no less popular for that.

Diesel engines still make a great deal of sense in cars like this, which can be used for towing but just as often for covering big motorway distances and the (very occasional) light off-roading. So that's the engines we're testing.

Look on, then, to find who makes the best luxurious small 4x4 - is it Audi, Land Rover or Volvo?

SUV WARS! How Does The All-new Range Rover Evoque Do Against The Audi Q3 And Volvo XC40?

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