In a rather unfortunate series of events, it's being reported that a multi-vehicle crash in Colorado has resulted in multiple fatalities on Interstate 70. From what we can tell, it seems that the story isn't entirely clear on this one.

Reports are indicating that there may have already been a small accident that had already taken place on I-70. This resulted in slowing traffic that was reduced to a crawl. But, as seen in a YouTuber's video clip, a second and far more devastating crash involved multiple vehicles and caused a massive fire.

If you watch the clip below, at about the 8:20 mark you'll see the 18 wheeler MOVING at a high rate of speed in the shoulder. It has yet to be determined why the big rig was moving so fast (brake failure, human error, etc.).

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Several people were killed on Thursday, according to the Denver Post, and at least ten were injured in a fiery multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 70 west of the city during the evening commute when a tractor-trailer careened into several other vehicles.

Flames engulfed a total of three trucks and 12 cars, Ty Countryman, a spokesman for the police department in Lakewood, Colorado, told reporters.

'The vehicle came down and ended up colliding with slower traffic, causing a very big chain-reaction crash that also ignited and started a fire,' Countryman said, adding that ten people injured were taken to local hospitals...

*NSFW* language in this video.


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HELL On Earth. Flames, Explosions And Multiple Casualties Reported In I-70 Crash In Colorado

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