One of the most impressive vehicles I had the pleasure of driving in 2018 was the BMW M5. Everything about it left me in a bit of awe, really.

From the power to its handling ability to its luxury appointments to its comfort levels. It really was a bit eye opening.

If its ride was able to absorb bumps better, it would be the perfect automobile for all occasions. It's that close.

For one writer, who happens to own a 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, it seems that the latest BMW M5 Competition might just be the one. In fact, they didn't even waste time getting there. Their headline states "Buy a 2019 BMW M5 Competition Instead of a Porsche 911."

There's a catch though. The author is talking about owning one car to do multiple things. Taking that into consideration, I'd probably just have an X5M and call it a day.

Having said that though, it got us thinking: IF you were choosing a daily driver for all seasons and purposes, WHICH would YOU rather? The Porsche 911 C4S or the BMW M5 Competition?

...As to the headline, allow me to explain. I currently own a 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. So this suggestion is much like a bald guy making bald jokes; we're allowed to do that. As with my review of the Mercedes AMG E63 S, the point I'll make is that the driving experience one seeks in buying a 911 is now replicated in many forms. Thanks to seemingly unlimited horsepower and a bevy of performance technologies, everything from a station wagon to a hatchback to this redefinition of the four-door sedan offers an experience that was once exclusive to top sports cars...

...In addition to more horsepower, the M5 Competition features stiffer engine mounts, which helps to transfer power and corner more effectively while providing a more visceral feel of the engine inside the cabin. It is lowered by seven millimeters, but still offers a lot more clearance than a 911. And the suspension is both tighter and firmer than the base M5 to improve handling. So even in "Comfort" mode, the M5 Competition is still a rough ride on the under-maintained roads and freeways of American cities. But, again, you won't find another vehicle with as much Jekyll-to-Hyde, comfort-to-performance range than the 2019 BMW M5 Competition...

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CAR WARS! Unexpected Rivals? Would YOU Skip The Porsche 911 C4S For A BMW M5 Competition?

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