When it comes to racing, Porsche doesn't fool around. You don't have to find yourself at a major track day event or race to figure that out.

It's a brand steeped in tradition.

And when it comes to Porsche's racing history there's a lot to talk about. But one vehicle stands out among the plethora of Porsche racers. To me, that would be the 917.

I am pretty sure I am not alone.

Porsche knows this and that's why the marque is showing off official images of an all-new 917 concept race car. At this point it's merely a design study that marks 50 years since the 917 came into being.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Is this 917 redux AWESOME or AWFUL?

Porsche has revealed more pictures of its 917 concept racer. Finished in the red and white livery of the 917KH Coupe and first Le Mans winner, the new design study marks 50 years of the 917; the original was shown at the 1969 Geneva motor show.

Stuttgart plans to celebrate the original car – which won a total of 19 gold medals at the famous Le Mans 24 Hours – wtth a special exhibition in the Porsche Museum this year, and we’re told it’ll include 10 original 917s as well as this concept study. The exhibition will run from 14 May to 15 September 2019...


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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is Porsche's 917 Concept A Thing Of BEAUTY Or LESS Than That?

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