Authorities across the country are constantly testing new ways to stop the violent delights and violent ends of street racing. In California, where the problem is particularly widespread, the city of San Jose passed an ordinance this week making it illegal to even watch a street race or sideshow as a spectator, a crime now punishable by a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. It's a bold new tactic for police—and one that warrants a closer look.

ABC7 News reports the San Jose City Council voted unanimously to approve the legislation, which is written in broad strokes to give authorities a lot of latitude in going after spectators. Essentially, police can arrest anyone standing within 200 feet of a street race or "reckless driving exhibition"—think burnout, donut, and drifting shenanigans—taking place on either a public road or an off-street parking lot. Here's the relevant text in full:

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San Jose Ordinance Fines And Jails Anyone Within 200 Feet Of An Illegal Speed Exhibition

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