Here we go, Spies. One vehicle I've been curious about has finally gotten into reviewer's hands.

Called the Arteon, this is Volkswagen's successor to the Passat CC, which was known simply as the CC towards the end of its life. The CC was a brilliant vehicle that felt more like an Audi and boasted some rich touches. Personally, if I was in the market I probably would have skipped the A4 and just taken home one of those.

But, we've got to wonder if VW has the same magic as it used to. Frankly, its vehicles haven't been quite the same in years. The engines are meh and the interiors have become super cheap.

So, does VW have its groove back? Let's see in Roadshow's quick review, below.

Volkswagens's 2019 Arteon blends the flowing proportions of the now-discontinued VW CC with the sportback design of Audi's A7. The result is a handsome new flagship with a stylish flair of its own.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Does The Volkswagen Arteon Show That VW Has Got Its Groove Back?

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