A Tesla Model 3 was recently pitted against a 2019 BMW 330i (G20) in a practical automatic parking test, with both vehicles being required to perform a parallel parking maneuver in a relatively tight spot. The results of the comparative test were very interesting, and they all but show that not all parking assist features are created equal.

The 2019 BMW 330i is quite literally brimming with tech, being equipped with a series of safety and convenience features such as Active Guard Plus, Lane Departure Warning, Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Braking, and of course, Parking Assistant, which is capable of automatic perpendicular and parallel parking maneuvers. The 2019 BMW 330i even includes Reversing Assistant, a clever capability that the German automaker describes as “automated reversing in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as multi-story car parks or entrances to courtyards.”


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Has It Come To THIS? - BMW 330i Vs Tesla Model 3 - Which Car Parks Itself The Best?

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