Overlanding is the "next big thing" when it comes to outdoor adventure, and it's already claimed stake to a large part in automotive culture. Pickup trucks and SUVs alike are being fitted with rooftop tents, rad-and-retro jerry cans, and beefed up suspensions and tires to make ultimate trail rigs out of ordinary rides. Some manufacturers have got in on the action already and, at the 2019 Overland Expo West, Honda debuted its line of go-anywhere parts available to order right now.

By taking its Passport crossover and Ridgeline midsize pickup truck and equipping them both with what your neighborhood camping junky may call "the goods," Honda is looking to show off the capabilities of its active-lifestyle-friendly machines. And while they may not be the perfect fit for Moab's toughest trails, they'll do the job nicely for, say, a night under the stars at Glacier National Park.

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Honda To Tackle The Off Road Segment With Rugged Versions Of The Unibody Passport And Ridgeline

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