In Porsche's lineup, I've never really quite understood the allure of the 911 Speedster models. To me, they're not all that different from the likes of the Carrera 2 S variants with exception of the severely raked windshield and large, bulbous rear decklid.

I guess it doesn't help I never really found them particularly attractive.

So, what's the big deal?

With the launch of the 2019 911 Speedster, I finally got it. Maybe it's because the 991-generation Speedster is a bit more special than the others. According to CAR, this vehicle was shown at the same time to select buyers with the 911 R back in 2014. Fast forward to present time and the vehicle's gained a lot from the current-gen GT3 and may even benefit from the naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat six rumored to power the next-gen GT3. That means it produces 510 horsepower.

Do I have your attention now?

Verdict: right, I want one…

You can’t have one, because they’ll all have been snapped up. If we could have one (and we’d love one) we’d do without the Heritage Design pack, or at least do without the ‘spears’ and painted front bumper and numbers, as it’s all a little bit overt. At £15,302 it’s not cheap, either, though the gold Speedster badges and cognac and black interior is cool.

If you’ve got an allocation you’ll not care, and you’ll also be aware of the £211,599 price tag. Birthday presents are meant to be indulgent though, and with the Speedster Porsche has really delivered.

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